immanent_7impe6 · July 15, 2023 · · 0 comments

As IMMANENT’s domesticated Australian, Marchie brings a mix of skills from across the pond to the production pipeline.
Pushing pixels from real-time engines like Notch, Touchdesigner and Wire, he has worked with IMMANENT bringing 88 Rising’s Clo to life at Head In The Clouds, IMAG looks for Kaskade’s SoFi Stadium show, Giant Dragons for Insomniac Live streams, and numerous other large event activations.
Previously Resident VJ at HQ Complex, Australia’s largest nightclub for 9 years, with a Bachelor of Design Studies from The University of Adelaide, Marchie recently spent 7 years in Vancouver Canada working in Large Corporate AV between chasing Fresh snowboarding tracks.
Now back in Australia as Chief Vision Wizard at CtrldChaos, Marchie also creates tutorials on Instagram and YouTube to help others learn node based real-time tools.

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