Immanent is a visual content design studio that specializes in creating unique and captivating experiences for live music events. We understand the needs and obstacles of a touring music group and have the expertise and resolve to deliver a quality product. From stadium arenas and festival productions to video shoots, nightclub performances, and exclusive events - you can consider us a part of your team. 


Through means of live action shoots, computer graphics, traditional animation, and matte painting we produce incredible live visual experiences


We have a team of experienced VJ's, directors, and video technicians to create an incredible live show.


We have mastered the art of syncing audio to visual on a live stage. We will work with your music director, lighting designer, or DJ to program a playback system that works for your group.

    CEO / Executive Director
    IMMANENT founder Drew Best has been a motion designer for the last 15 years of his career. He studied Computer Animation and Visual Effects at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, BC. Moving to Los Angeles in 2002, he has worked on a number of film, broadcast graphic, music video, and stage visual projects. In 2006, Best founded SMOG Records, an international brand for dance music that has toured throughout the world.
    Business Manager
    Tara LaPlante is a visual artist, founder of the multimedia arts brand Futra, and business manager for IMMANENT. Originally from Wisconsin, she graduated from Montana State in 2000 with a BFA in Painting. After school she moved back to the Midwest to continue her creative endeavors. In Minneapolis, she worked in office management and finance for creative companies until her move to Los Angeles in 2009. Her background in the arts and 15 years experience in finance provide a unique perspective and expertise for the company.
    Sr. Designer
    Eddie Perez had been with the IMMANENT team for over two years. As a designer and 3D animator, he has created visual content for most of Immanent's clients. In the summer of 2018 Perez toured Europe with Lil Pump as their festival VJ, a project he creative directed.