IMMANENT is in its ninth year of operation as a motion design and film production studio that specializes in immersive and cutting edge visual experiences. We are a team of designers, animators, video technicians, directors, producers, and programmers that focus on live events and content for touring artists. We create compelling visual experiences that are uniquely designed for individual artists or the event as a whole. Our background in the touring music world has taught us to focus on the visual story behind the music which provides memorable moments to the audiences. Telling the story of the music through visual form is the key to our success.


We are highly experienced in creating visual experiences that often can be mistaken for real set designs. Our team uses the latest technology to create worlds that offer limiltless envorinments for artists and audiences. We are always experimenting with what is new and what is possible as a visual content team.





    CEO / Executive Director
    IMMANENT founder Drew Best has been a motion designer for the last 20 years of his career. He studied Computer Animation and Visual Effects at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, BC. Upon moving to LA he worked full time doing motion graphic animation for Insomniac, 3 Ring Circus, and Trailer Park Group. In 2006, Best founded SMOG Records, an international brand for dance music that has toured throughout the world. Leaving the commercial world to pursue the live music he toured with A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator, A$AP Ferg, Flosstradamus, and 12th Planet as a VJ and content designer before launching Immanent.
    Originally from Wisconsin, Tara LaPlante graduated from Montana State with a BFA in Painting in 2000. She moved back to the Midwest to continue her creative endeavors. In Minneapolis, she worked in arts organizing, curation, project management, and finance for creative companies until her move to LA in 2009. In LA she founded FUTRA, a multimedia experience brand that featured musicians, artists, and performers through record releases, club events, and art shows. In 2018 she focused her time and energy fully on IMMANENT.
    3D Artist
    Colin Strang has been working with IMMANENT since February 2020 as a designer and animator, specializing in 3D visual content. Having a strong passion for electronic music, he spent many years DJing and got his start in 3D animation by making visuals for his own sets. His history of DJing gives him the ability to create a strong connection between the client’s music and the visual content he creates.
    Designer/Animator/3D Artist/Art Director
    Hailing from Calgary Canada, Ben Leonard has helped create visual identities for some of EDM's biggest names. Ben graduated from AUArts in 2010 with his Bachelor of Design to then become part owner of Beama Visual Environments where he animated content, designed stages, and VJ'd for various live music festivals and tours. Ben is most known for his work with Excision, for whom he designed several touring stages and animated the bulk of his visual content over the past 12 years. Joining IMMANENT in 2020, Ben brings a wealth of experience from the world of music visuals.
    Project Manager / Editor / VJ
    Romario Rivera started off as IMMANENT’s first intern where he garnered and increased his skills as a visual artist and now serves as the Project Manager for festivals, Editor, and VJ for the company. Born and raised an LA native, Romario graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's degree in Music Industry. While at USC, Romario was in charge of producing concerts for the students and gained experience in concert production management. Over the last 8 years, he has worked numerous music festivals, specializing in visuals for house and techno events, and has toured with artists such as Carl Cox, Sabrina Carpenter, and Tyler, the Creator.
    Project Manager / VJ
    Jake Keenan is a VJ and Project Manager that has been touring since 2017, and has been with the IMMANENT team since 2020. Originally from Philadelphia, Jake graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Industry. Over the last 5 years, he has toured with and VJ’ed for Kayzo, A$AP Mob, Brockhampton, and most notably, Flume.
    Studio Assistant
    Lillian joined the IMMANENT team in 2022 as Studio Assistant and enjoys being part of a company that offers such tasty visual experiences to clients and audiences around the globe. Originally from Texas, Lillian graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Technology, and is excited to grow further with the company. When not working in a digital sphere Lillian enjoys drawing, painting, and making new things out of the old.
    3D Artist
    Cameron Leahy is a 3D artist and animator from the Chicago suburbs. After working in broadcast design for five years he made the jump into the concert visual space and has been working with immanent for the past year. Cameron currently lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and golden retriever, Bear.
    3D Artist
    A new addition to the IMMANENT team, Ofer’s 11 years as a 3D and concert visuals artist have led him to some of the biggest stage productions in the world. From world tours and festivals to televised award shows and Top Billboard artist residencies, Ofer has created visuals for an array of screen configurations - always looking to deliver the same awe that he feels while witnessing a great visual experience. When away from the screens, Ofer is likely to be practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, finding peaceful inspiration in nature, or hanging out with family and friends in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.
    3D Artist
    Jon has been a visual artist for over 15 years, and began his foray into the 3D world in 2018 working on props for film and TV. Prior to that his efforts were primarily focused on traditional media; whether painting on canvas, painting props for blockbuster movies, or digitally painting creatures and environments.
    3D Artist
    As IMMANENT’s domesticated Australian, Marchie brings a mix of skills from across the pond to the production pipeline. Pushing pixels from real-time engines like Notch, Touchdesigner and Wire, he has worked with IMMANENT bringing 88 Rising’s Clo to life at Head In The Clouds, IMAG looks for Kaskade’s SoFi Stadium show, Giant Dragons for Insomniac Live streams, and numerous other large event activations. Previously Resident VJ at HQ Complex, Australia’s largest nightclub for 9 years, with a Bachelor of Design Studies from The University of Adelaide, Marchie recently spent 7 years in Vancouver Canada working in Large Corporate AV between chasing Fresh snowboarding tracks. Now back in Australia as Chief Vision Wizard at CtrldChaos, Marchie also creates tutorials on Instagram and YouTube to help others learn node based real-time tools.
    Project Manager / VJ
    Bethany started working with IMMANENT as a subcontractor in 2021 where she quickly honed her artistic and technical skills as a visual artist and content operator; now working as a VJ and Project Manager for festivals for the company. Bethany has been involved with music since her years as a scholar and has experience with various musical instruments along with her expertise being a drummer and DJ. She graduated from CSU of San Bernardino with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and uses these elements in her VJing to create a visual aesthetic for the musical genre and the audience. She is currently the touring VJ for 12th Planet and Kill The Noise and has worked alongside artists such as Svdden Death, Boys Noize and Klangkuenstler. She has also operated as the house VJ for local and international festivals such as Insomniac, most prominently as house VJ for StereoBloom at EDC, Rolling Loud Thailand and Munich, When We Were Young, and 88Rising for the F1 in Singapore.