Tyler, The Creator has been working with IMMANENT since his 2018 Coachella performance on the main stage. We worked with Tyler’s lighting designer Max McDougal to create a visual performance that matched the physical scenic props on stage.

Over the summer of 2018 our team toured with Tyler, The Creator to ensure all of his festival appearances in Europe and North America ran successfully. We devised a system of layered visual content that was customizable for every stage design.

2018 came to a close with a headline performance at Tyler’s own festival Camp Flog Gnaw which took place at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. IMMANENT drafted the initial stage design complete with bike ramp riser platforms and a giant treehouse placed on top of a 10ft tall riser covered in LED video. This performance was a great way to close out a year of successful shows.

For the 2020 Grammy's we worked with Creative Director Alex Reardon of Silent House to produce the visual content Tyler, The Creator's fiery performance. The set consisted of a small row of houses that continued down the road by way of a virtual set produced in rendered visual content. At key moments in the show an earthquake opens up the virtual street creating explosions and fire to match the real fire jets on stage.


In 2021, Tyler, The Creator performed his track "Lumberjack" live at the BET Awards with screen visuals by IMMANENT. The windy set included a driver, luggage, full size car, and blowing grass, which continued into the background into a virtual set produced in rendered visual content. At key moments in the show parts of the house blow away to leave a bare chimney, and visual wind effects compliment the actual fans blowing props across the stage set.