IMMANENT teamed up with Human Person to create immersive stage environments for SZA's North American SOS Tour that began in February 2023 and will tour through March. Directed by Ian Valentine, the creative teams brought to life SZA's vision of her aquatic themed narrative: a voyage at sea becoming shipwrecked only to be saved and to survive! The Immanent team mainly focused on the harbor and boat portions of the show. The ambitious and elaborate production must be experienced live, catch it in your city if you can.

Creative Direction: SZA
Creative Design: Human Person
Show Director:Ian Valentine
Production / Lighting Designer: Ben Dalgleish 
Choreographer: Fullout Courtland 

Animation by Immanent & Human Person

Immanent Team:
Content Director: Drew Best
Content Producer:Tara LaPlante
UE Lead Programmer / Artist: Colin Strang
UE Artists: Cameron Leahy, Ofer Zmora, Ricky Runfola
3D Modeler: Jon Narmour

UE Lighting: Ben Dalgleish
Tour Director: Matthew Walt
Production Manager: C.J. Stasinos
Stage Manager: Sable Gillespie

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Immanent teamed up with Human Person to deliver a harbor inspired stage creation for SZA The production debuted during her 2022 headline performance for Wireless Fest in London. Human Person came up with the stage design, direction, and lighting for the show, a lighthouse perched over a dock and supplemented with sea props. Immanent created the virtual environments to extend this set using Unreal Engine. We explored day and night looks with epic sunset skies and aurora filled starry night and created a variety of weather conditions from boats floating by in calm waves to robust storms crashing against the dock. The result is a fantastic stage experience that SZA dominated.


Visual Content Team: Immanent

Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

UE Artists: Strangcg, Ben Leonard

UE Programmer: Brandon Rosado

UE Lighting Programmer: Josh Lowenstein

3D Modeler: Jon Narmour

VJ: Mike LaMartina


Stage Design, Show, Lighting Design: Human Person

Show Director: Ian Valentine

Choreographer: Fullout Cortland

Lighting Designer: Ben Dalgleish

Lighting Director / Programmer: Elliot Jessep

Technical Director / Lighting Programmer:  Stephen Hedges

Producer: Molly Leishman

Art Director: Frances Waite

Photographer: Ell Earl


Scenic Designer: Laura Little, Leos Playground

Scenic Painters / Assistants: Jack Oswald, Jaclyn Pappalardo, Maia De Emmony


Tour Director - Matthew Walt

Production Manager: C.J. Stasinos

Road Manager: Lauren Abderrahman

Production Coordinator: Alysia Cortez