Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X embarked on his Long Live Montero tour with visual content by Immanent. The three act theater musical is inspired by the life of Lil Nas X and his rise to fame. We used Unreal Engine 5 in combination with a GrandMA lighting console to bring to life the virtual environments on stage. Motion capture was used to add virtual characters in step with the actual stage choreography.


Visual Content Team: Immanent

Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

Unreal Engine + 3D Artists: Colin Strang, Ben Leonard, CLOAKING, Ofer Zmora, Cameron Leahy

3D Modeler: Jon Narmour

Camera Animator: Nicolas McEntarfer

Unreal Engine Programmer: Brandon Rosado

Unreal Engine Lighting Designer: Josh Lowenstein

Content Editor: Robert Mape

Songs by Immanent: Panini, Tales of Dominica, Old Town Road, Dead Right Now, Call Me By Your Name (Heaven), Down Souf Hoes, Scoop, Dancer Solo’s, Industry Baby, Star Walkin'


Additional Content by:
H+ Creative (Don’t Want It, That’s What I Want, Lost In The Citadel, Rodeo)
Blake Kathryn, Alexy Prefontaine, Jason Ebeyer Christian Whiticar
Saad Moosajee (Sun Goes Down, Tinkerbell, Down Souf Hoes)
Mathematic Studio (Call Me By Your Name - Hell)
Swiss Made Entertainment (Genius Unlocked)


Concept & Story: Montero Hill

Creative & Fashion Director: Hodo Musa
Creative Producer: Saul Levitz

Tour Producer: Adam Leber

Choreography / Stage Direction: Sean Bankhead

Production and Lighting Director: Rob Sinclair

Management: Rebels Only Adam Leber, Gee Roberson, Adriana Arce

Tour Management: Silbert Mani, Giovani Vargas
Music Composition: Take A Daytrip, Kris Pooley

Associate Lighting Designer: Meg Sinclair

Lighting Director: Luke Rolls

Disguise Programmer: Go Houselights LLC Brian Spett

Disguise Operator: Ivan Ceron


Production Company: Eighteentwentysix

Production Director: Joe Sanchez
Tour Director: Darren Mullis

Production Managers: CJ Blair, Justin Sinclair


Video Equipment: Fuse Technical Group

Lasers: ER Productions

Stage Fabrications: ShowFX


Audio Equipment: Clair Global