We recently completed visual content work for JOJI who is currently touring his Pandemonium Tour. We worked with show director Travis Shirley to create an industrial and textural content package to fit the stage design’s multiple video surfaces. Notch was used to create a number of particle and 3D looks. The end result is a mesmerizing array of eye candy.





Production Design: Blank Wall Creative

Show Designer: Travis Shirley


Video Director: Patrick Wala


Visual Content: IMMANENT

Content Co-Director: Drew Best

Content Co-Director: Effixx

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

Notch Artist: CtrldChaos

3D Artists: Sean Bowes, Jordan Glenn

3D Modeler: Jon Narmour

2D Artist: David Perez

Content Editor: Alex Pelly


Camera Director: Evan Smith

Video Production: NEP Screenworks


Tour & Production Management: LobbyCall Tour & Production Management

Management: Ollie Zhang, Jared Blashinsky, 88rising