Head In The Clouds

Head In The Clouds most recently came to New York City May of 2023 with animated updates to the 3D iteration of 88rising's mascot, CLO. She previously graced stages internationally in full projection-mapped glory in Jakarta and Manila in December of 2022, after her return to Los Angeles in the summer debuting new interactive content created by Immanent. This show featured a new and improved CLO who danced to the music, sang along to songs, and took breaks in-between performances to read Tweets out-loud. Fans would tweet their messages to CLO who read the best ones on stage. Microsoft built an AI application to recreate the voice of Kyedae to read the tweets. We used Notch VFX to display the tweet messages, generate CLO’s mouth movements through audio-reaction, and puppet her animations using an Xbox controller. At sundown a custom animation we created took the audience's focus from the LED screen to the projection objects. Next stop IMMANENT will be joining the HITC team again bringing CLO back to Los Angeles in August of 2023

Head In The Clouds Festival Los Angeles 2022

88rising + Goldenvoice Team


88rising Creative Director: David Jung

Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

Screen Producer: Jake Keenan

Content Animation: Cameron Leahy

Notch Programmer/Operator: Ctrldchaos

Projection Mapping: Leigh Powless Ben Leonard

VJ Operator: Patrick Wala

AV Assistant: Lillian Raemsch


Video Equipment: NEP Screenworks