EXCISION hit the road earlier this year for his 2024 Nexus Tour with a brand new visual show and his largest production to date. Our planning began in 2022 to produce a visual experience that would appear as if there were three dimensional characters and objects coming towards the audience. Aura Studios joined our team to produce additional concepts and bring them to life with exceptional animation. Additional looks were produced by a variety of other visual artists and animators for this tour.



Director: Drew Best

Creative Director: Ben Leonard

Producer: Tara LaPlante

3D Artists + Animators: Colin Strang, Cameron Leahy, Ofer Zmora, Sean Bowes, Jeroen Snik, Jon Narmour, Maia McDonald, Angus Wakefield, Ricky Runfola, Ryan Talbot, Mohammed Baali, Lillian Raemsch 

Developers: Brandon Rosado, Jon Lippincott, Brenton March



Producer: Sean MacWilliams

Art Director: Colin Ozawa

Animation Director: Kane Pickerill

Project Manager: Apple Xu

Animation: Calista Antonio, Tian Chen, Alberto Coronado, Al O’Sanlou, Kane Pickerill, Tom Pinon, Cory Rogers, Sam Surplice

Modeling: Garpi Lo, Ariane Pelissoni

Rigging: Alex Gaidachev, Rudolf Jansen van Vuuren


Production Designer / Lighting Director: Chris Pekar

Video Director: Matthew Medwid

Laser Programmer: Garrett Gosting

Production Manager: Paul Brierly

Management: Brett Abel, Mary Mahan, Adam Mandell

Agency: UTA, Steve Gordon, Max Freeman