50 CENT is currently on the road with his worldwide Final Lap Tour. Show designer Daniel Richardson brought on IMMANENT to create the visuals for this complete reinvention of what a 50 Cent show should look like. The performance is a spectacle complete with illusions, dancers, a full live band, loads of production bells and whistles, and plenty of special guests. The visuals help tell the story of 50 Cent’s early beginnings as a street rapper to his coming of age as an entertainment business mogul. Our team used Unreal Engine to produce most of the visual content in the show.


Show Designer: Daniel Richardson

Creative Producer: Wilkie Wilkinson

Production Manager: Mark Dawson



Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

Unreal Engine + 3D Artists: Colin Strang, Ofer Zmora, Cameron Leahy, Ben Leonard, Jon Narmour 

Unreal Engine Lighting Programmers: Josh Lowenstein, PJ Carruth


Lighting Programmer: Kai Colucci

Lighting Director: @quincypop

disguise Operator: Ben Thurston

Camera Director: James George


Choreography: @nappytabs and Anthony Kin

Music Director: @farlandcreative

Illusions Director: Filipe J. Carvalho


Keys - @therealdot

Drums - Darius Woodley

Bass - Evan Rainey

Guitar - @travfmusic

DJ - DJ Chubby Chub

Playback/programming - @officialtrillmusic

FOH Audio - Brandon Daniels

Monitors - #terrencechism


Band TM - @passportflave


Video Rentals: 4wall Entertainment