Back in February (for one night only!) NY Hip Hop legend NAS performed for his first time ever to a sold out crowd at the world famous Madison Square Garden. The stage design was created around the concept of three gold bars, which is symbolic of his King’s Disease album trilogy series. Immanent created screen content for the entire show, highlighting multiple themes of New York street life and the success of NAS. 



February 24, 2023


Production Designer & Creative / Show Director: Brian Spett

Lighting Designer and Programming: Shaheem Lichtmore


Visuals by IMMANENT

Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

Visual Content Editor: Jack Lipke

CG Artist: Ofer Zmora

CG Artist: Ben Leonard

CG Artist: Cameron Leahy

CG Artist: Jon Narmour

Motion Designer: Andrew Marchbank

Motion Designer: Jason Randle

Motion Designer: Romario Rivera

Content Assistant: Lillian Raemsch


Disguise Programmer: David Leonard

Video Vendor: Nighthawk Video


NAS Production:

Tour Director: Charles Bradshaw for Bradshaw Management, LLC

Production Manager: Chris Fussell

Production Coordinator: Maria Bermudez

Music Director: DJ Green Lantern