John Legend


'An Evening With John Legend' is currently on the road where John Legend performs solo on the piano and tells intimate stories of his life and music. Immanent was asked to create an elegant visual package to highlight the music and bring to life these conversations. 


Creative Director: Rob English 

Exec Creative Producer: Ashaya Robinson 

Producer: Lee Loechler 

Story By: John Legend


Immanent Team:

Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

CG Artists: Cameron Leahy, Colin Strang, Ofer Zmora 

Video Operators: VJ Culture, Kyle Glaser 


Tour Manager: John Warren
Production Manager: Chris Stinebrink

Lighting Designer: Hal Deiter




JOHN LEGEND  ‘Love In Las Vegas’ The Residency
Zappos Theater @ Planet Hollywood

Immanent recently completed work with John Legend and his creative team Friends At Work  on his new residency show “Love In Las Vegas”. The visual theme follows the story of John’s life, from his beginnings in the gospel church to the big stage in Vegas. We created the visual environments using Unreal Engine with DMX control via a GrandMA lighting console to light and sequence animation in real time. This allows us to get perfect colors matched with the stage lighting and scenic props. The show will run on and off this year so check it out next time you’re in Las Vegas!

Creative Director: Rob English
Exec Creative Producer: Ashaya Robinson
Creative Producer: L.J. Alexandre-Strong
Production Design: Alec Spear

Visual Content Director: Drew Best
Visual Content Producer: Tara LaPlante
Unreal Engine Artist + Operator: Colin Strang
Unreal Engine Visual Artists: Ben Leonard, Sean Bowes
Unreal Engine Programmer: Brandon Rosado
Unreal Engine GrandMA Programmer: Josh Lowenstein
3D Modeler: Jon Narmour
disguise Programming: Dan Gentile
Video + Lighting Production: LMG Touring

Lighting Design: TJ Hoover, Kevin, Josh Lowenstein
Artistic Director: Jemel McWilliams
Music Director: Eugene ManMan Roberts
Art Director: Jess Hundley


John Legend just kicked off his Bigger Love Tour with an incredible production. IMMANENT was hired by @friendsatwork to create the Garden Of Eden / Afrofuturism / James Turrell inspired stage visual content to match the set design. We used Unreal Engine in combination with a GrandMA console to control the graphics in real time during previz. It was an honor to work alongside so many talented creative individuals bringing this production to life. The band is fantastic and John Legend is such an amazing talent. Be sure to catch the show!

Creative Direction: Rob English @friendsatwork and Ashaya Robinson @humminbyrd
Creative Producer: @hathantik89
Production Design: @alecspear

Visual Content @immanent_vj
Visual Director: @drewsmog
Visual Creative Director: @benleonardart
Visual Producer: @taralaplante_
Unreal Engine Programmer / Artist: @virtuosoceo
Unreal Engine GrandMA Programmer: @pjcarruth
Visual Artist:
Visual Artist: @cadenmilligan

Lighting Co-design and Programming: @joshlowenstein.ld
Lighting Director: Hal Dieter
Lighting from @upstaging_inc
Lighting Crew Cheif: @stinkyr0se

disguise Programming: @mightbecharles @dan.gentile
Video Production: @lmgtouring

Choreography: @jemelmcwilliams
Costume & Stylist: @davethomasstyle
Production Manager: Chris Stinebrink
Staging: @gallagherstaging