After winning New Artist of the Year at the 2022 AMAs, Dove Cameron took the stage to perform her radio hit “Boyfriend”. Cameron’s seductive performance was perfectly complemented by the jazz club environment Immanent created using Unreal Engine 5. Moody lighting, luxurious red velvet curtains, and art deco columns framed alcoves with shadowy patrons who looked on as she strutted after and twirled around with the object of her desire. From vocal to visual style, this performance’s modern take on classic themes was a sensuous treat to behold.



Visual Content Team: IMMANENT

Content Director: Drew Best

Content Producer: Tara LaPlante

Unreal Engine Artists: Colin Strang, Ben Leonard, Drew Best


Creative Dept Lead: Rob Sinclair

Staging Director and Choreographer: Kyle Hanagami

Musical Director: Max Bernstein

Choreography Asst: Haley Fitzgerald

Choreo Project Manager: Hondo Tey

AMA Lighting Design: 22 Degrees Entertainment

AMA Production Design: Brian Stonestreet


Disguise Server Team: DF Productions