DOJA CAT ‘Planet Her’ Festival Tour with Video Content by IMMANENT


Immanent created the alien swamp stage visuals inspired by the movie Annihilation for Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ Festival Tour. We used Unreal Engine to collaborate in real time with the lighting team to perfect the scenes. 


Thank you eighteentwentysix and Silent House for bringing us on the team. It was a pleasure working with everyone involved:


Immanent Video Content Team:

Drew Best - Content Director

Tara LaPlante - Content Producer

Colin Strang - Unreal Engine Artist + Programmer

Andrew Williams - 3D Modeler

Brandon Rosado - Unreal Engine Artist

Romario Rivera - Video Editor

Creative Director/Stylist
Brett Alan Nelson

Stage Design & Execution
Parker Genoway
Alex Reardon

Lighting Design
Parker Genoway

Lighting Director/Programmer
TJ Hoover

Tour Manager
Eboni Gentry

Production Coordinator
Brea Lougheed

Production Manager
Arthur Kemish

Tour Production Director
Joe Sanchez